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Customized research for each client

What we do before the opening of a hotel:

1. Feasibility studies
For entrepreneurs who may be considering investing money in hotel projects, we offer valuable feasibility studies which analyse all the economic and social variables which may affect the project's success: 
competition analysis, verification of market potential, definition of correct corporate positioning, verification of project functionality, staffing requirements, drawing up of an extremely detailed multi-year business plan with analysis of key indicators relating to production and costs, analysis of gross operating margins, profits, and potential return on investment.

2. Project optimisation
Our team includes architects and engineers who have worked for big international chains in the hotel sector for many years. Combining technical and management expertise, we are therefore able to verify, evaluate and modify a hotel project both in terms of its functional coherence and in terms of its fit with the commercial opportunities offered by the market.

3. Company start up (management of pre-opening activities)

The months which precede the opening of a hotel usually represent an extremely critical moment in which the mass of work and the continual variables which slow down the work may cause managers to lose sight of the future priorities of the company.

We are able to manage and optimize all pre-opening management activities. 

Commercial launch
Analysis of the competition and market potential, definition of commercial positioning, definition of pricing policy, definition of commercial launch plan, supply of data-bases for the sales office and support for  commercial plan

Selection of personnel
Selection of management, standard of service - definition and codification, selection of operating personnel, definition of all employment contracts and management of all the phases before contract-signing, training of personnel, simulations

Selection of key suppliers
Selection of key suppliers through competitive tender, definition of the conditions for out-sourcing certain functions such as cleaning and restaurant.

Management accounting
Definition of an analytical start-up budget and setting up of multi-annual account forecast in order to illustrate the profit potential of the business; setting up and customization of the parameters for front office and accountrancy property management programs.

4. Consultancy and advice for real-estate investments in the hotel sector
Thanks to our ability to accurately evaluate the feasibility of an investment in the hotel sector, we are able to evaluate and filter the real opportunities that the market may present and to bring them to the attention of investors who wish to take serious but prudent decisions.

What we do once the hotel is open:

5. Consultancy
Our consultancy service can be strategic or simply operational, according to your needs, and extends through  360° to cover all aspects of hotel management from operations to commercial development and to the setting up of management accounting systems and cost control management.

6. Training
We have created complete training programs which cover every area of ’Hotel Management’. We coordinate the teaching activities of professional post-graduate and post-diploma courses on behalf of accredited  bodies, as well as creating ad hoc training programs within companies on the basis of corporate analyses and clients' needs.

7. “Due diligence”
We visit companies “on site”  to carry out critical evaluations of the accounts and to identify the potential for growth in company's performance. We draw up intervention plans in order to reach the development goals and we offer support to the management in their implementation of the business plan.

8. Human resource selection
We dialogue with the owner or with the management to better understand the company's needs and budget and, as a result, to be able to precisely define the role required. We activate the necessary  selection channels and we screen the CVs received. We contact the interesting candidates and organise  selection activities, which usually take place in groups using pyscho-attitudinal tests, group activities, and motivational interviews. We work with the owner or manger to define the job description and economical parameters, and we prepare all necessary documentation and positively finalise the hiring of the individuals selected.

9. Out-sourcing control and service supply
We supervise the out-sourced services such as housekeeping and restaurant. We directly create and sustain the commercial promotion and distribution campaigns, management and coordination of sales networks.

Management and administrative tasks:

10. Management through management contract
For investors who are not interested in directly managing their company but who wish to retain ownership and to maximise their returns, we offer management services through management contract. We measure our performance against a business plan previously agreed with the investor. Under a “Management contract”,  we create trusted trusted team which use our management methods and which is supported in every way and at any time by our organisation.

11. Management via leasing of company or premises
We will consider opportunities for management according to the traditional formulas of leasing of premises or companies.


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